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Backie Chan Fits into Trunk of Integra

Today one of our crazy Team Twanglers decided to test fit his Backie Chan hull into his Integra. No – this is not photo-shopped… It really fit! The Yamaha Super Jet was clearly a no fit, proving reason number 1262 why you should have a Backie Chan. Now the only question that remains is, what will he use that trailer hitch for??? .....
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2015 Nose Update In Detail – Removal of the Inset V

2015 Nose Update In Detail – Removal of the Inset V During the 2015 retooling process to create new blemish free molds, we decided to remove the inset V that was in the nose of the Original Backie Chan. This inset V had proven to challenge installation of larger exhaust chambers, so it was removed to create additional internal clearance room in the nose of 2015 Chan’s and beyond. See the side-by-side pictures below. 2014 (& Previous) Original .....
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