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2016-03-31 13.04.06

Cold Water Riding checklist

With the first freeride of the year, Daytona 2016 past, a lot of people are itching to go riding regardless of weather conditions. Here in the Midwest it has been a mild winter, snowboarding season has hardly even touched upon us. For some jet ski season is right around the corner, for others the season has never ended.  If it were not for me blowing my ski to pieces my season would have never ended.  In the Midwest, within southeastern, Monroe Michigan there is a great spot to ride when it.....
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Backie Chan Unveil New Products for 2016

As the 2016 year unfolds, following winter, Backie Chan has unveiled the newest product releases to its jetski hull division.  Backie Chan now produces three different varieties of the custom backflip jet ski hull to choose from.  Each of the three hulls offer a different material schedual to choose from when ordering a custom Backie Chan.  The hulls range from the original, The Backie Chan FURY – at a price point of $3495 – weighing in at 90 lb.  The Fury is a fiberglass hull, perfec.....
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